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Philippines Sexpat Wall Of Shame - Evan Iliadis

Want to know about the sexpats in the Philippines? Seek justice for victims and help clean up the reputation of expats  in the Philippines islands?

Well if you have gone to the other Philippines Sexpat Wall Of Shame blogs by Evan Iliadis you will probably not be aware he's a fantasy writer.

He has simply spent years trolling the internet before falling out with people then making up stories about them. Not once or twice but literally once he latches onto you he will be writing about you for the next decade. He's been writing about others for 6 years so far and all complete fabricated nonsense that he makes up as he goes along.

Could you imagine having a dispute with someone on a forum and suddenly finding the guy starts stealing your photos and editing them and comments? What about posting as you and trying to cause arguments with other people in your name? Evan has done this with several people who have told me their stories and all ended up on the Philippines Sexpat Wall Of Shame blog. Problem with it all is that none of them are criminals,sexpats or even remotely involved with anything they shouldn't. The only issue they had was Evan Iliadis.

I for one find my name used, photos stolen and stories made up about me on a regular basis when I started to undcover what Evan Iliadis was doing. Bullying people online as a cyber stalker for no apparent reason except for forum disputes, taking a dislike to someones opinions or in my case because I asked him why he was doing what he was doing and why he targeted certain individuals.

If someone posted saying you were a pornographer, child abuser or seller of porn you would hope people would ask where is the proof? But ask this of Evan and its very likely you will start to see him writing about you. Because there is no proof, in fact so little of anything happening he just makes things up.

Chris Bennetts found such claims made about him and yet it was only in recent months via people talking that the full picture emerged that Evan had in fact been lying about him.

Matt Wilkie accused of being a detective in Cebu and involved in some kind of scam yet maybe we are missing something, don't these two things contradict each other?

Guenther Vomberg was accused of all sorts and yet where is one bit of Evan's truth and more importantly facts about Guenther? There are none!

Perry Gamsby has also fallen foul of Evan Iliadis with strange claims of how he is abusing the Australian state by moving back there with his wife and family. Yet again where is the proof?

Fact is Evan doesn't know any of these people he writes about, he's never met them, he's not in the same social circles and certainly knows less about them than you the reader!

Its not difficult to see a pattern emerging and that is basically how things got peeled back like an onion as one person was found to be just being stalked by Evan and then another and another.

Where are the Philippines Sexpats that are supposed to be on this wall of shame? Anyone email any to him as it seems to have a lot of people on the wall who's only crime is not agreeing with Evan!

Philippines Sexpat Wall Of Shame what is it about?

There is another site claiming to be a Philippines Sexpat Wall Of Shame on the internet and has gone as far as buying a .com for it. But in reality its not even the owners opinion but lies.

You see Evan Iliadis the owner has been targeting expats in the Philippines for years and it only became apparent how bad he had been doing this and for how long by people starting to network together and begin to look at legal action.

Previously people had been Cyber Bullied and been unaware of what they could do about Evan. But then again why would they? Most are semi-retired or fully retired and not experts in law relating to the internet. Its only when I started looking into things myself I started to see a bigger picture and that in my opinion originally seemed fabricated information over the truth. Looking into it more and more I started to see a pattern of Cyber Stalking going on that all led back to one person Evan Iliadis.

What happened to make this guy so bitter is my first question, but quickly followed by why is he targeting innocent people? Why is it he uses fake accounts under other peoples names, steals photos from Facebook and other websites as well as scrapes entire sites to sit and read through things over and over again?

Answer is in my opinion mental illness of some kind. Not because I am bitter towards him because to be honest what he writes about me is laughable and the people that know me and matter can see straight through Evan's lies.

I could simply just turn a blind eye and ignore him at the same time this guy is constantly making people victims by such allegations of being porn makers and other foul things. Some of the stuff he has been posting does make me wonder why he visits such sites in the first place to try and lay claim to someone being their owner. Would you ever visit a site with people urinating in other peoples mouths? Evan does and then posts it as someone else being the owner of the site.

Things seem to go back to the rotary club and Evan's time in the Philippines which was short lived. I have been in the Philippines for 5 years myself and have seen many people come and go after losing their retirement budget. In my opinion I think this is where a lot of this stems from Evan failed in the Philippines and is severely bitter about it as why should you and I be successful when he failed? Its our fault right?

Well its the only thing I can see that would make any sense of what he writes and does and to be honest I am tired of seeing the stuff he writes as its random ranting that even a tabloid wouldn't publish. Yet he will spend hours blending and altering photos and other bits of information to try and be creative with his lies.

As I pieced things together and started contacting people and asking the simple question "why did Evan Iliadis target you?" things started to unravel and to this day the blog is still developing. I am hoping more people start to support the site to help get Evan off the web for good.

Want to unravel who is a real Philippines Sexpat and the lies of Evan Iliadis I advise visiting the blog.

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