Sunday, 19 August 2012

Philippines Sexpat Wall Of Shame what is it about?

There is another site claiming to be a Philippines Sexpat Wall Of Shame on the internet and has gone as far as buying a .com for it. But in reality its not even the owners opinion but lies.

You see Evan Iliadis the owner has been targeting expats in the Philippines for years and it only became apparent how bad he had been doing this and for how long by people starting to network together and begin to look at legal action.

Previously people had been Cyber Bullied and been unaware of what they could do about Evan. But then again why would they? Most are semi-retired or fully retired and not experts in law relating to the internet. Its only when I started looking into things myself I started to see a bigger picture and that in my opinion originally seemed fabricated information over the truth. Looking into it more and more I started to see a pattern of Cyber Stalking going on that all led back to one person Evan Iliadis.

What happened to make this guy so bitter is my first question, but quickly followed by why is he targeting innocent people? Why is it he uses fake accounts under other peoples names, steals photos from Facebook and other websites as well as scrapes entire sites to sit and read through things over and over again?

Answer is in my opinion mental illness of some kind. Not because I am bitter towards him because to be honest what he writes about me is laughable and the people that know me and matter can see straight through Evan's lies.

I could simply just turn a blind eye and ignore him at the same time this guy is constantly making people victims by such allegations of being porn makers and other foul things. Some of the stuff he has been posting does make me wonder why he visits such sites in the first place to try and lay claim to someone being their owner. Would you ever visit a site with people urinating in other peoples mouths? Evan does and then posts it as someone else being the owner of the site.

Things seem to go back to the rotary club and Evan's time in the Philippines which was short lived. I have been in the Philippines for 5 years myself and have seen many people come and go after losing their retirement budget. In my opinion I think this is where a lot of this stems from Evan failed in the Philippines and is severely bitter about it as why should you and I be successful when he failed? Its our fault right?

Well its the only thing I can see that would make any sense of what he writes and does and to be honest I am tired of seeing the stuff he writes as its random ranting that even a tabloid wouldn't publish. Yet he will spend hours blending and altering photos and other bits of information to try and be creative with his lies.

As I pieced things together and started contacting people and asking the simple question "why did Evan Iliadis target you?" things started to unravel and to this day the blog is still developing. I am hoping more people start to support the site to help get Evan off the web for good.

Want to unravel who is a real Philippines Sexpat and the lies of Evan Iliadis I advise visiting the blog.

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  1. I am one of his victims, albeit suffering relatively mild abuse. He claims I didn't rite my books and that I am some kind of racist Filipino hater. He takes my emails and steals them, reprints them and twists them out of context as well as edits them to make me seem like some kind of stereotypical racist ugly foreigner. I have asked him to remove my copyright protected images he stole and reprinted without my permission but he refuses. He seems to think he is on a crusade, but as you pointed out, why is he spending so much time on such disgusting web sites?

    He has since approached me unsolicited and tried to negotiate removal of his sites, but at terms no one would agree to. I doubt he was genuine. Anyway, I have serious legal maters in train that will hit him right where he hides in France. He can't get away from the long arm of the EU anti-cyber stalking task force.

  2. The biggest puzzle in all this is that he seems to have very limited contact with people or nothing at all except in the cyber space. Why is it he is putting so much effort into being so destructive?

    The Anti-Filipino thing isn't new according to Evan I am Anti-American yet I have hired 2 Americans that are joining me out in Oman next week. Had the choice of anyone who could do the task from anywhere in the world.. wonder how this fits in with Evan's logic?

    But then again I had heard someone mention previously that Evan was very anti Mexican when in the U.S. which is extremely odd for someone who's Greek/French with a U.S. passport. He himself hasn't got a single identity but multiple. Adding to that his wife being from the Philippines.

    Race hate is built on getting peoples backup from the first thoughts e.g. if you seen a guy in the street you wouldn't gather an opinion about them by not knowing them. But what if someone said he's a racist and made a little story up, does your opinion change? Its all to do with twisting information from one context into a completely different one.

    I detest American foreign policy and the way it interferes in the world but American's don't control their government as much as they would like to so how could you blame the population? I can't control the UK government either. So having an issue with things like the Iraq war makes someone a racist as no context is used except "must be Anti-American". All bizarre and I cannot get my head round why Evan Iliadis is spending so much time on harassing people he doesn't even know.