Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Philippines-Sexpat Wall Of Shame Is A Troll Site

Evan Iliadis for whatever reason started the Philippines-Sexpat Wall of Shame site years ago which followed on from his VAP (Village Aid Program site).

Now a quick pause here as I need to explain a few things, first one being that Evan seems to have a dispute with near enough anyone he meets or knows. VAP he slates the Village Aid Program he was involved in then extends that to hating the Rotary club and what it stands for, then the Knights of Rizal and the list just goes on and on where Evan is always right and these thousands of people are wrong.

But it must have been at some point attacking the VAP he got bored realising nobody knew about the site and more importantly most people weren't interested as its all one sided and shows a bitter guy who even complained about someone else being wealthier than himself on it. What has wealth got to do with helping others? If you work hard all your life I am sure your entitled to be able to enjoy your fruits of your labour and just as importantly the guy was still and possibly still is involved in the local community (Don't know him personally but just trying to understand why someone helping others that he becomes under scrutiny purely based on him having a good retirement income).

Anyway it then extended from that into multiple Yahoo groups that has left most of them dead of users as expats generally want to help each other. If you have someone trying to lie,manipulate and make false exposures why would you bother staying online? In its prime some of these groups had up to 26,000 users today? Lucky if most have hundreds due to people like Evan Iliadis, the bitter side of retirement in the Philippines (or failing in doing it like Evan that sent him back home to France).

Yahoo groups now of little value what's next? Into trolling the forums and its here where Evan found and began attacking Daisy Cline, Christopher Bennetts, Guenther Vomberg and many others. Perry Gamsby was next on Evan's attack list because he was having his e-books distributed by Chris Bennetts nothing more than that!

Lets just say the list has more than 20 people on it and the Philippines Sexpat Wall Of Shame is made up of people Evan just simply dislikes for mainly just being more successful than himself. They all can and have lived in the Philippines for long periods of time. I myself Matt Wilkie have become a victim of harassment in the last year purely for questioning what Evan was doing. Like many others such as Brad Hughes the mistake was contacting Evan himself to ask him what he was doing. You see Evan doesn't like being questioned for facts and solid information that's how you end up on the wall! Well I did and so did Brad Hughes! Many others have as well.

Philippines Sexpat Wall Of Shame is just fake and a sham written by a cyber troll Evan Iliadis. He's written as many as 50 blogs on Chris Bennetts alone never mind what he does with other people! Fake profiles in other peoples names, stealing photographs, making up stories the list just goes on and on.

Evan's been doing this for over 6 years full-time as he has no job and believed to be living off the state in France with his wife advertising herself for cleaning services in the area. Not the level of society he likes to project for himself.


    Know the truth about this sick, evil person. You could easily be his next target.

  2. Evan does not hate us. He does not even register that we are human beings. This is just a fantasy world for him ONE BIG GAME.

    You get on his list simply by

    1. coming to his attention and making the mistake of responding
    2. responding to his trolling
    3. Defending any of his victims

    That is about it

  3. Agree with all comments, there is something very wrong with him but I think his biggest gripe is people doing better than him. Seen several expats do exactly the same (not to this extreme!) where they lost everything, left the Philippines but can't leave the forums!