Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Evan Iliadis and why he attacks people online.

Evan Iliadis is extremely bitter about failing in the Philippines and I am not sure if it was because he had worked for his dream retirement before messing it all up. Or was it the fact he was involved in misuse of charity funds, child abuse and other things that have been alleged about him. Because to be honest I haven't met him and I for one have no interest in him whatsoever.

His sense of wanting to be part of something yet naturally destructive in anything he does, self promoting of himself without a shred of it being true and just his racist and abusive remarks are enough to say I wouldn't even sit with him in a restaurant.

He is what is wrong with some expats in the Philippines and what brings the standard of all expats down.

I became a victim of his abuse online because I didn't agree with him and found him to be lying about other people. Evan is just a cyber troll and nothing more, he talks about being a charitable person involved in helping "Retards" yes he uses the most disgusting of words to describe people he allegedly helped (although obviously this was with Rotary club funds not his own). The Village Aide Program is something Evan is strongly writing about yet for over 6 years nothing has happened, I wonder why? is it a case of the guilty party is the one sat in France maybe and bitter he was found out? I don't know as I am not part of the Rotary and well aware that its unlikely they would be helpful in giving me any information one way or the other in case of bad publicity.

But now we get onto Guenther Vomberg someone Evan hates so much yet the fact is Evan has never met him, doesn't know him in any other form than snippets he reads online yet. Guenther's crime was to congratulate someone on becoming a god father or step father (so insignificant I don't know which!). Fact is Evan is mentally ill the photo above by the way shows Evan is also a wig wearer which I have been bringing up a lot lately as it really bugs him as his vanity is a major issue with Evan with his ego.

But big question is what is Evan's motivation? Because cyber trolls normally have similar traits in that they were bullied or neglected in some way. The internet gives them people that listen and they only listen by being abusive right? Because Evan's been banned from every Philippines forum going for what he writes as well as fake allegations. He is a stereotypical troll but at over 65 you would expect him to have "grown up!".

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  1. Good Day,

    he does not hate me. He "trolls me" simply because I am a public person and he thinks that gives him more exposure.
    And because he had a picture and bits of a facebook chat he could use.

    But that fired backward, as there is no derogatory information about me available anywhere, because there is none. Only openly available real stuff, I got no secrets at all.
    Which exposed him as what he truly is, a Liar and cowardish Cybertroll. And if he isn't this, he is insane.
    Either way, I got him of the "free web" and he lost the few of his followers/supporters he ever had.

    Now he stands there alone in the rain...well, and maybe he does hate me for this.
    Not my problem.