Saturday, 22 December 2012

Evan Iliadis and why he needs you to read Sexpat Wall Of Shame

Evan Iliadis shows everything in his own life as a reflection on others. If we take a quick look you will see what I mean.

His terminology regarding "Married to his much younger wife" when talking about others is in fact HIS OWN WIFE and his relationship. She is much younger than him!

Western low-life that come to the Philippines after failing in marriage and life yet again you can find his children on Facebook from his "Previous marriage!" and his so called business exploits have all been a figment of his imagination. Only business he is known for involves a company that manufactured fake mahogany products which is not in operation anymore. Some have speculated it was down to Evan Iliadis selling fake furniture to the church.

Child abuse and calling people pedophiles often comes up after he is really annoyed or incapable of a constructive argument or the ability to find any facts. In reality his business partner with the Rotary club funds has been accused of abusing a member of his own family from information we were given. May have even gone as far as the local media. Yet again its a reflection of things going on in Evan's personal life!

Low level employment or almost bankrupt are both things relating to himself. He boasts his achievements without actually saying any and left the Philippines because of financial reasons. All in all if anything Evan is describing himself!

Evan Iliadis can easily be picked apart and this is often what infuriates him as he doesn't like to be made the fool at the same time he is an abusive person on many levels. He hates been proven wrong as it feeds his insecurity complex. People being smarter and of a better standard of living really upsets him. You don't have to take my word for it you can read it in his own writings in the way he bickers and has an obvious chip on his shoulder.

For someone who is Greek he must be the poorest one I know, I have many friends from the country in the UK and they are all family orientated, have family homes and village communities. What do you see in Evan Iliadis? He is obviously not a true Greek as he's either shunned by his entire family or they all died. Either way he hasn't got any of the benefits that normally come from Greek nationals but many of the hangups tied with bad attitudes of French and Greeks.

Sad considering when he eventually dies his only thing people will remember him for is being a nobody.

A funny looking man who wears a wig and desperately wants to belong to something. Yet his inability to function as a human being will always be a struggle for him to even manage the most basics of civility.

He will no doubt continue to attack people online until his dying day and his big thing for himself is that he really does like to think he's annoying other people because it gives him self worth. Funny thing is nobody is reading his stuff anymore after he was exposed as a fraud and thief. Now people just see someone who cannot be trusted and is bitter as well as extremely strange!

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  1. Good Day,

    this is what i keep saying since a year. Evan Iliadis is a classic case of someone who 'projects" his own subconscious mind upon the rest of the world.
    Not necessarily "sick", because somehow everyone (has) to do this.
    But in the way Evan Iliadis does it, it certainly is not normal anymore.
    But it becomes more and more amusing to me..(to read inside his head, with every blog he tells us more..about him )
    He became a classic case study of a Cyberstalker now. Book release is in 2013.
    If this isn't funny...