Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Evan Iliadis - Lost The Plot On His Latest Blog

As time has gone on it seems things have become more and more foggy in Evan Iliadis's mind.
His latest blog has seen him losing it completely not sure if its medication or mental illness that's getting to him but one thing is for sure he doesn't like people talking about the wig!
Evan Iliadis - Mad as GolumTalking about "intimidation" in his latest posts as if he's a victim. Let's have a big fat Greek laugh at Evan's expense here!!

He has been trolling the internet since at least 2005 harassing the good people of the Expat community of the Philippines and now complaining some are giving him a piece of his own medicine.
Difference is at least people like myself have a moral standing and know what we find acceptable.
Unlike Evan that lowers himself to the pits of pornography on a regular basis to make things up but is there any need to visit the sites at all? Because the data he's on about with Chris Bennetts is all false.

Visiting these adult sites are for his own amusement and enjoyment. You see there was something that people have noticed on this post :-

Besides obviously cropping out most of the article do you notice the Filipino Cupid advert? This is from Google advertisements that read cookies on your browser. I NEVER see these types of advertisements on my site which mean one thing. Evan Iliadis is not only visiting adult sites he's also spending all day on dating sites as well!!

I still don't understand his relationship with his partner or even if it is a "partnership". Because the woman doesn't take his name even though Evan claims her to be his wife and the kids don't either.

In fact even his ex-wife he doesn't really mention but reading this article this morning about something Evan Iliadis wrote everything he slates Expats for being he is exactly what he's talking about! From being the divorcee from a failed marriage, much younger wife (13 years difference) as well as the fat ugly person that matches the description he talks about Americans!

I am just surprised that more people haven't realised how much this guy seems to actually hate himself!

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