Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Matt Wilkie Being Stalked By Evan Iliadis And His Fake Sexpat Wall Of Shame.

Matt Wilkie At Evan's Summer House
Could you imagine asking someone why they post lies about others and then simply asking if the person who writes the lies has facts and evidence if its real show me?

Well this is Evan Iliadis and how myself and others got stuck in his little fly trap of lies. Because he writes all day every day about people he disagrees with online. The disagreement could be as simple as mine where I just didn't agree with him and asked for truth.

The Buckingham Palace joke as "Evan's summer House" is in line with his arrogance and belief that he thinks he's above everyone and the law. This from an expat who lives in a council flat in France relying on the French state for handouts every month to pay his bills. What we would call in the UK a Dole Dosser.

But that's how he gets all day to write about me and other people online. Even the way he writes is a little bizarre as he talks to himself as first and third person as well as commenting to himself as well.

I am the real Matt Wilkie by the way! I am involved in various businesses and quite simply avoiding getting into discussions with this village idiot about my private affairs. The recent booting of him from where he used multiple fake names upset him lately as it was his only forum that people let him post. When I say post its generally lies, racist and baiting topics the sort of things that civilized sites wouldn't allow him to do!

But counteracting this with exposing his fake use of accounts often to cause arguments between people online eventually seen him stop using the forum and instead he run away and made a load of fake blogs instead (how Evan!). 

Yes I am opening a call center for Philippines outsourcing but everything Evan is talking about is stuff he's simply making up because he's annoyed he can't use Topix anymore, he is like an overweight child most of the time. Oddest thing of all is myself and others don't even know this idiot in person! But the more you look at what he gets upto the more you want to make sure people are aware of what he's doing to stop it happening and hopefully make a change.

He's already got court orders out for himself although denying it completely. He lost his hosting on, sites banned from Blogger,blogspot,wordpress and others because of his content not only being copyright theft, defamation of character and slander but also of an adult nature. 

He's a very sick person and surprised he managed to find a wife even though she didn't take his name and neither did her children. Evan Iliadis is just a piece of poison on the internet that people could live without.

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