Monday, 31 December 2012

Matt Wilkie - How I ended up on the Wall Of Shame.

How do you end up on the Evan Iliadis - Sexpat Wall Of Shame wall you may wonder. Is it that your a criminal, involved in prostitution, human trafficking or some other activity that catches the attention of Evan Iliadis?

In reality none of the above! It takes just disagreeing with him or questioning what he writes about other people. He has no interest in real sexpats as for one he lacks the stomach for dealing with people that are potentially very dangerous to his health. So instead he targets normal expats who have nothing to do with this sort of stuff.

Human trafficking and prostitution in the Philippines is big business. If a "real" sexpat was involved in this trail it would actually put Evan Iliadis and his wife's entire family at risk of being murdered. What sort of person would put their family at risk like that? More importantly its why the media in the Philippines is very selective on what they report because they do murder journalists here! A fat little cyber troll sitting in France would be nothing to them in getting rid of.

So Evan instead for whatever reason in giving himself value in his life pretends to be involved in stopping corruption, fighting human trafficking, stopping prostitution but in reality does none of these whatsoever.

What he really does though is damage the Expat community and gets kicks from doing it. He's been doing it since at least 2005 and if you want to ask Evan Iliadis a question that will annoy him ask him "what have you achieved?". In reality a split expat community who pretty much can't be bothered with the internet these days because of morons like Evan.

I will still be here and so will others but it should be a flutter of activity from thousands of expats but in reality its not because of poisoned trolls like Evan.

I got on Evan's wall because I started looking at what he was saying about people and when he said Paul Petrea was involved in human trafficking bringing girls in from the provinces to sell at bikini bars I asked "where is the proof?". Evan doesn't argue with you he simply ignores you and goes off writing his blog posts. HE HAS NO SPINE! Even in he was discovered with multiple fake accounts promoting his blogs and within days quit there because people can actually confront him head on.

In his blogs he deletes peoples comments, he ignores your emails and then edits them but on a real forum he has to confront the fact people are questioning why he does it and why he lies about people.

He's extremely weak and knows on a 1 to 1 basis he can't even confront a verbal or internet questioning about what he does, no wonder he hides from Rudi completely who lives in the same area as his wife!!

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