Monday, 4 November 2013

Sexpat Wall Of Shame A Pyramid of Lies - Evan Iliadis

What is Sexpat Wall Of Shame a Pyramid of Lies your wondering? The fact is it was dreamt up by a little French man with a chip on his shoulder.

Truth is he didn't do well as an expat, often stirring up issues and pretty much a loner in real life. Although he wants to belong at the same time he attacks anyone and everyone he comes across. That person is Evan Iliadis and a quick Google of his name you will come across lots and lots of articles about his nonsense.

You see for Evan not belonging was a major problem to the point his way to deal with it was to attack others who rejected him for being irrational or jumping to conclusions. Many people are on his list simply for not agreeing with the way Evan thinks. He would promote something as gospel fact for others to later find out it was utter nonsense and lies. But for the harassment I have received myself over the last year this is not someone playing a game but someone with some serious issues.

Who else would waste so much time and effort writing about others ? People he does not know and has pretty much never even had any physical contact. The Sexpat Wall Of Shame came crashing down over a year ago when Evan Iliadis was stumbled upon for some real cases involving Philippines Sexpats. Evan's boasting of having a network of people in Cebu and other parts of the Philippines including the Police authority were quickly dismissed. Not only by Evan's inability to use anyone he claimed to know in investigations (real investigations that had been requested his assistance) those on the ground contacted senior people within Evan's so called "contacts". To find none of them even knew who he was everything was a fabricated lie that led to the house of cards that was built on Evan's lies of the Sexpat community came crumbling down.

Sexpats were suddenly shown as normal people often family people with no connection to the sex industry, discovering that Evan had some silly disputes over forum bans or a difference of agreement months earlier. Not a trace or sign of corruption, prostitution or anything illegal. Fact is the only person doing anything illegal was Evan Iliadis with his defamation of character. Everyone else was "normal".

But what about the claims made by others? I ask you where? because even with Chris Bennetts case Chris went to long lengths to not only bring the evidence forward to show that Evan had actually supported someone who was wanted for rape but also dismissed all the legal documents relating to the cases. Yes Evan's "Sexpat" friend was a rapist of minors and it has been documented with all the police blotter reports and warrants yet none of this information ever hit Evan Iliadis's blogs or sites. He had a copy of all of it as originally Chris tried to reason with Evan stating Evan had got it all wrong. Yet Evan's response was to try and make Chris out to be some controller of pornography in the Philippines and Asia all of which is untrue.

While Evan spends his days writing his dwindling supply of poor information and lies everyone else though has moved on. You see when Sexpat Wall Of Shame first existed there was a "?" put above many expats but as they were dismissed one by one Evan along with his sites were dismissed as lies and fabrication. Most photos Evan possess are either stolen from Facebook or not related to people at all.

Why he does this is anyone's guess but my main concern is the way he writes about others and has been quick to dismiss a child abuser and rapist as well as created lies about people that were pro-active in stopping child abuse in the Philippines. My only conclusion is that he has more to answer for than we currently see. He fled Bohol many years ago and has not returned, his business partner there was recently flagged to me due to an incident involving a minor relating to his wife. They also fled Bohol although now residing in Cebu. Was this some kind of perverse child abuse ring? I don't know and its for the authorities to find out although being the Philippines its probably too late to prove Evan and his friends actions and with Evan offshore its certainly going to be extremely difficult to bring him back here for prosecution even if it did happen.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Evan Iliadis Philippines Sexpat

Evan Iliadis and his image of the Philippines
Evan Iliadis is not only an internet troll but a very disturbed individual.

You see this is how he sees expats in the Philippines and pretty much the whole of Asia. Just here to chase women and lacking any morality or respect for others.

Which would be fine if he actually targeted people in the sex trade but he doesn't. He targets individuals who are family men who own and operate legal businesses in the Philippines.
He will often make quotes such as "Business is fake there is no business registered at the DTI Philippines". He hasn't checked he doesn't even know how to. Because the businesses are all legally registered.

Prostitution ring, human trafficking and many other things are common things Evan Iliadis quotes people as being involved in. Yet he hasn't even met any of the people he talks about. Yet knows their inner workings and involvements or should I say knows nothing about anyone. But more importantly nobody is involved with illegal activities at all!

Evan Iliadis however currently has legal action against him in multiple countries for his abusive actions online and defamation of character.

What he hopes to gain from all this I do not know but from reading up on internet trolls it appears to be simply just wanting  a reaction from people. All seems to be fed from issues in his own life in the Philippines years ago where he was involved with some sort of charity organisation. Was he caught stealing funds? who knows.. but there was a report that his partner was involved with child abuse and he also left Bohol island in the Philippines. 

Evan's disturbed interest in pornography and child abuse seems to go hand in hand with his hate of normal people. I think his interest in child abuse and pornography is some kind of fetish and it disgusts himself which is why he projects his hate of himself onto others.

Yes its disturbed, weird and messed up. But its the only thing that would make sense to why someone would spend so much time attacking honest people. While at the same time spends all his day scouring the web for pornography and other things a guy in his 60s shouldn't be doing.

I don't hate this guy by the way I just think he needs some kind of treatment. Certainly removing a computer from him would be a benefit to everyone.