Friday, 19 December 2014

What is the Philippines Sexpat Wall Of Shame All About?

The Philippines Sexpat Wall Of Shame may appear to be a genuine website. But its simply playing on Google search terms and abusing peoples names.

An internet troll began his trail of attacking others as far back as 2005 and has continued to do so to this day. Unlike the people he attacks he literally does have all day to spend on the internet while everyone else gets on with their lives.

Why does the Philippines Sexpat Wall Of Shame exist? Answer is that Evan Iliadis the "only" author of the site has been booted from Yahoo groups, Forums and blogs and decided to target people for removing him from the various sites. Philippines Sexpat Wall Of Shame has high indexing online due to its nature and it fits in with an internet trolls hopes to create harm by damaging peoples reputation and hoping for some kind of reaction.

Is there anything true on the Philippines Sexpat Of Wall? The fact is names are true, the people are true, but what they are accused of and Evan's alleged facts are false. But what does happen is people view the site expecting to find vulgar abuses by expats in the Philippines and simply Evan ties people to false allegations to aim for high web rankings.

Is this normal? Obviously not! as Evan's someone who has no life in the Philippines anymore and although you come across the odd person who goes on and on about the Philippines after being forced to leave be it financial or medical grounds. The majority of people are simply pining to go back to the Philippines. Evan's ended up by his own admission in Southern France. Yet he is not a participant in promoting France as a retirement haven, he isn't doing anything positive online. His concentration is internet trolling and attacking people he doesn't even know.

The fact here is the Philippines Sexpat Of Shame only exists by people seeking real information on real sexpats and perverts of the Philippines. Yet the site is manipulated to appear it is doing that but is in fact completely fake and false. You don't hear Evan talking about how he was kicked out of forums for writing disgusting or argumentative posts which is the reason he was removed from several forums. You don't hear him talking about his attacking of people because his site was exposed as fake and his facts also being fake. All you hear is an old man living out his days writing lies and nonsense about people who are genuine people.

His life orientates around these sites and as always with these types of people he is a coward. Incapable of meeting anyone face to face, unable to argue even online with people his viewpoints because they are all fake. But instead lives in a fantasy world of nonsense, a fantasy world where he believes he achieved something in his life yet nobody knows him, nobody has records of him achieving anything. Simply the guy is a legend in his own mind and a clown to everyone else.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The real Philippines sexpat wall of shame.

The real shame of the Philippines sexpat wall of shame is that Evan Iliadis is fake. His ramblings about conspiracy theories and other proofs as he describes them are utter nonsense. At best its clutching at straws but in grim reality Evan is only interested in trying to tarnish the expat communities reputation.

What Evan has done is simply steal peoples Facebook photos an other images on the web, rewritten arguments between expats and made false allegations and written fake emails. All in all the Sexpat Wall Of Shame is Evan himself. Like the expat community hasn't got enough bad eggs without Evan Iliadis trying to create fake ones!

Would I see Evan Iliadis as dangerous??! hell no we see him as a fool!! Someone caught up in his own bitterness of failure in the Philippines to the point he can't let go! Been gone for over half a decade yet spends his retirement whining and creating lies about people he doesn't know and has never met. Doesn't sound normal does it?? well it wouldn't as Evan's actions are nothing normal, just a bitter internet troll who cannot stand the fact others prospered in the Philippines while everything he has done has failed right down to his marriage.

His own words state he left due to ill health, we all know he threw in the towel after running out of money. He joined the Rotary club according to him yet nobody in the Rotary actually knows him! Must have been really active over in Bohol to not even be known!

But we aren't bitter, we aren't annoyed we just like to put the story straight and Evan's just an old guy living a life of misery in France after failing in the Philippines. Can't let go or move on because there is nothing to move onto, failed marriage, no career, no businesses, no charity work. It was all figments of his imagination that he portrays as real. I would even put a bet that he thinks what he writes is true but would also hazard a guess he is never short of popping pills.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Evan Iliadis Sexpat Of France

We could rant on how Evan Iliadis is involved in sexual exploitation in France but there is a slight problem. We don't believe in lying here as we are not Evan Iliadis but simply real people with real lives.

Yesterday a conversation came up on Evan's continued ramblings on Matt Wilkie which wasn't a question on Matt himself but Evan's mental state and the fact he has no life of his own. Its got to the point Evan's been trying to prompt posting by Matt yet its more a case of Matt's simply got bored with listening to Evan's random ramblings. But also that the ramblings contradict themselves leaving Matt not having to put any input.

But adding to that like Matt said look at Evan he even looks a joke even in a photograph, or should we add like a peodophile. Wouldn't trust him round our kids thats for sure. Its always been the big question people have asked about Evan is he a child abuser as he seems to fit the profile pretty well. Adding to that the distance his wife and kids keep from him you do have to ask why.

Whatever is wrong with Evan its not really something that is bothering anyone too much these days as he's become a bit of a joke to himself. Contradicting himself ever increasing lies begging for a response just drives it home the guy is an idiot and although has no career of his own and never did he can't even manage being a good internet troll.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Philippines Sexpat Wall Of Shame - Analyzing the truth against the lies

Philippines Sexpat Wall of Shame is something that personally I think needs removed from the internet due to its constant flow of lies and misinformation. But its inconsistant information is where you can already see its author is an internet troll and liar with very bold false statements.

"Matt Wilkie wanted fugitive in the UK" is an example of the authors lies as Matt Wilkie has been in the UK for nearly a year. But this didn't stop the blog author he simply changed it to "Matt Wilkie wanted fugitive in the Philippines". Really this is as good as it gets? Because Matt Wilkie is returning to the Philippines on holiday.

But where does the fugitive statements come from? Why is the statements often perverse in their context answer is the blog author has a bad past that he doesn't want to discuss. Lets take a look at his brief brush with the Foreign Legion. He left Greece at a time when the Foreign Legion took in vagrants and criminals, it was not a prestigious band of brothers but the drop outs that nobody else wanted. It was during this era that Evan Iliadis ran away from Greece and joined the Foreign Legion the question I ask you is why?

Evan Iliadis will often link people to crooked and corrupt business practices not only without any proof but without any real context of a connection between the people he accuses and what he accuses them of why?

He spends all day browsing internet pornography and the outer rim of the internet where other disturbed individuals hang out as conspiracy theorists. Yet he never looks in the mirror as its not difficult to see that he is not clutching at straws but mentally ill.

His life in the Philippines he posts as a tranquil enjoyable experience yet he left with no real mention of why only "medical condition" which I assume was mental health related did he have a breakdown being unable to afford and sustain a life in the tropics? Because with such bold claims of helping the community and involvement with the Rotary club there is nobody who can validate anything he says. He himself has only a few photos "of himself" yet not one of him actually doing anything of substance. The same Rotary club he later complained of being corrupt yet where is the facts? It was also the loose connection of Rotary clubs that Evan Iliadis began attacking Chris Bennetts. That being Chris was a member of a different Rotary club on a different island, but simply a target of something Evan Iliadis hated. The demise of a relationship for Chris where some information was put online was Evan's ammunition. Yet Evan Iliadis avoided all facts and all information that showed the reality of what went on. Why? Evan Iliadis has a vendetta with the Rotary Club and that is all he cared about. His vengence on Chris would be a battle against the Rotary club. Yes it does seem madness but Evan is extremely dysfunctional and bitter.

The bitterness of this man has been ongoing since at least 2005 in Yahoo groups, a failed expat who couldn't and still can't admit his failure in the Philippines. He doesn't talk his career or life in France where he has moved today as simply there is nothing to write about there never has been. Take a look at his LinkedIn profile he talks of being "self employed" his whole life yet in a prior statement he said his employer in the U.S. was how he was working in the U.S. in the first place. Another case of fiction as its believed his only role in life is as a kitchen hand who never progressed to any level of success in the catering industry. No cookery show for Evan! he never got past washing the pots!

But we aren't here to run Evan down we are just going over real information and the fact is Evan learned about working in the kitchens while at the Foreign Legion when he left Greece (why did he leave Greece to join the Foreign Legion was he on the run? He doesn't go back to Greece where is the rest of his family? Can he go back to Greece?). No photos of what he was doing in the U.S. except false boasting of an ugly car that didn't take much to make payments when it was new even for the poorest employed in the U.S. Where is the career photos? Not even a fake hotel picture or restaurant laying claim to owning it. Absolutely nothing and no mention of why he was there because its nothing of note. More importantly its obviously something else he is bitter about with this angry little man.

But lets move on from Evan as although he is the author of the Sexpat Wall of Shame his only contribution to this world is false information on real people. His life just shows a lot of "nothing" even down to his life in France where his wife is a cleaner he couldn't even develop a good business for his partner, the same wife that hasn't taken his second name and neither has the children.

If anything I would say if your interested in the Sexpat Wall Of Shame read both sides as its not hard to see how false the information is with Evan. But also the more you read the more you will see that Evan just makes things up on long rants. He forgets what he wrote 10 minutes ago and actually shows himself as lying without anyone having to defend themselves. He hates me so much because I dismantled his Sexpat Wall of Shame several years ago and its never recovered. I contacted everyone on it at that time and although some of the people were a little odd there was pretty much nobody who had done anything wrong. There was some allegations for 1 - 2 people but still unfounded and without evidence. But the other 20+ people I just found lies upon lies by Evan. They had kept all the information over the years as they tried to make contact with Evan explaining that he was wrong. Yet Evan thrives on people taking notice of him its what he wants. An old internet troll who lives in Social housing and no life he is the stereotype of "internet troll".

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Tropical Penpals blog is written by Matt Wilkie

Tropical Penpals blog is written by Matt Wilkie and ended up on the sexpat wall of shame thanks to Evan Iliadis targeting the "family site" as something perverse.

Why? because internet trolls do that sort of thing and the sad thing about it all is that its good information that's reputation has been tarnished by a disturbed little Greek guy Evan Iliadis. Why target someone's site? Why work so hard to tarnish someone's reputation?

Simply Matt Wilkie banned Evan Iliadis from his forum after several warnings. As Evan began targeting Matt Wilkie it was then Matt started looking into the crude and lude allegations that Evan made against other people in the Philippines. It didn't take long to find out Evan had lied about pretty much everything, stealing Facebook photos, faking emails and generally just making things up as he went along.

From my perspective being Matt Wilkie! I can honestly say the guy is of most harm to himself Evan that is as he's bungled around on this stuff for years. Fact is who is he bothering? for me nobody as although he's bought a load of domain names using my name and my sites who cares.. as it was to share advice at that time. Does it bother me that some people may believe him? In all honesty in the Philippines there are people like Evan looking for a story, there are people like Evan who don't get on with anyone around them, there are people with no life of they're own. They don't bother me they bother each other. The drive is built on being miserable and uncontent with their own lives.

For me I am happy, I am content and I have a great life. If anything who is the winner here if we were competing? Evan who sits waiting for blog posts to appear and constantly rebuilding sites as they are destroyed? or.. me who who has a good career, happy family life and growing financial assets. I know which one I prefer to be!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Sexpat wall of shame by Evan Iliadis

There are some real low life in the Philippines, people involved in prostitution, child trafficking, the drug trade, internet abuse but do you know how many Sexpat wall of shame and it serial blogger Evan Iliadis target?

The answer is zero, not once has he accomplished one arrest or brought a single person to justice in nearly a decade of blogging. The whole Sexpat Wall Of Shame by Evan Iliadis is not simply fantasy writing but a person who begrudges other expats success. Someone who failed to make a living in the Philippines or afford to live there long term.

But instead blames everyone else for his failures be it his family, being able to retire in the Philippines or that his life in France has no meaning.

You will constantly hear the same people brought up time and time again in Evan's little war on expats. The same people he has never met, doesn't know and only finds things on the internet about.

There is simply nothing in the Sexpat Wall of Shame except a very old man constantly lying and complaining about others. A man who steals private and personal photos from peoples friends and families. A man who's got no integrity or value. Someone who's only joy in life is sitting writing pages and pages of bitter, twisted and sick articles about people from things going on in his own head.

Someone who spent 2 weeks with a friend of his in the Philippines many years ago before then returning to France to complain about him. Someone who wants to be seen and recognised at the same time cannot bring himself to engage with people as a human being..

We have ourselves something much worse than an internet troll, we have someone who's simply got no recognition in life for achievement yet craves it and to be wanted. He wants a pat on the back but nobody can see anything he's done.

His comments and replies are too himself as nobody reads or listens to anything he says. The man is not just an internet troll he is someone with no life.

But maybe Sexpat Wall Of Shame can be used for good? It could but it wouldn't involve Evan Iliadis as that would involve taking risk to deal with real criminals. Evan Iliadis relies on the fact he is hiding in France, he is a coward and has nothing of merit of his time in the Philippines or any other time in his life. Even his (alleged) children don't carry his name neither does his wife. Is this someone you could call a man??

Monday, 12 May 2014

Philippines Sexpat Wall Of Shame and why you need to be a better person!

I have been in the Philippines for years it was a much dirtier place. There has been a lot of changes in many ways but none of them involve Philippines Sexpat Wall of Shame or Evan Iliadis.

You see people like myself have started to move to the Philippines in bigger numbers. We aren't interested in the bikini bars or prostitution. The reality is there are younger people going to the Philippines as well as many people looking for genuine relationships. Back in the early days it used to cause a lot of friction as many people seen being with prostitutes and hanging out at bikini bars as normal.

As the years have gone on people have changed and although these establishments and people still exist there are a lot more people that don't see it as the norm. Two types of expats reside in the same country and more likely to clash over what they see as acceptable and what isn't.

Evan Iliadis did not make any impact on bringing about change in fact he did nothing in the whole time he was in the Philippines except go along with it. The changes came about from people who wouldn't sit with undesirables. Those who were prepared to say its about time things changed and slowly they are.

More money in the Philippines means more families are coming out of poverty and more options. None of which has anything to do with Evan Iliadis although he would like to think so! The Sexpat Wall Of Shame Blog never investigated or targeted real sexpats. All it did was get used as a personal vendetta board by Evan Iliadis for people he has never even met. People who banned him from forums, people who could see he was an internet troll. People who are upstanding members of communities.

Being a better expat is important to the Philippines as the legacy of sexpats has left a sour taste in the Philippines and its people like Evan Iliadis who like to say they did or are doing something great but he's a legend in his own mind and an opportunist hoping to gain fame for something he has never achieved or done.

You being a better person and showing that expats aren't all grumpy, over weight or drunks is a start but even better to stay away from the bars and treat Filipinos as you want to be treated.

Hopefully the Sexpat Wall Of Shame will disappear in the coming years as its all fake and has no positive impact on the expat or Filipino community.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Evan Iliadis Matt Wilkie's cyber stalker

Philippines Sexpat Wall of shame - The truth

The Philippines sexpat wall of shame was setup by an internet troll. Its fabrication is based on mixing stolen photos, edited blog posts and edited forum posts as well as false emails and spinning lies.

The reality behind all of this was an internet troll named Evan Iliadis has spent years targeting Philippines expats for whatever reason. Its unknown to the people he talks about as none of them ever met him or knew him. The reality behind all of this is that Evan Iliadis was banned from blogs, forums and other online engagement locations as his constant threads were based on causing internet flaming and disputes. As well as using these locations to create backlinks to his hate post sites. It was over 2 years ago I discovered the extent of what he was doing and he's targeted me ever since. He has very little impact on myself or other expats now due to the fact he has been exposed to the public as a fraud and liar.

It was contacting other people that he has been targeting that the puzzle started to come together that it was simply people he had fallen out with online. That was the only connection between myself and the others. This resulted in abusive internet posting, false accusations of criminal activity. All based on trying to create shock and horror for the people he was trying to cause damage to.

Reality is his own life came to the surface as someone who was a loner, someone who talks about charity projects yet lacks any proof they ever existed and while visiting the town he alleged he was "working" with and managing these charities for a wedding. I discovered the groups he said he was a member of nobody seemed to know him. In fact the only person he was believed to be "friends" with was accused of child abuse.

The grim reality is that Evan Iliadis has spun things for reasons of his own failures in the Philippines of not establishing a life there. The reality that he's been bothering people online since 2005 like a teenager (the guy is in his late 60s!).

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Matt Wilkie - On False Allegations

There is an interesting development for those still interested! The fact is Evan Iliadis has become more abusive and expressive of his drivel since I left the Philippines.

Why? Because he is being ignored something he doesn't like. I happened to browse something this morning the first time in 3 months to find he's trying to tag things together to make things up. But what is funny is that he actually has to go over the nonsense he wrote previously as it makes no sense. The one person disproving his lies is actually himself!

BPO industry - Matt Wilkie never owned or operated one WRONG we still do own and operate one but it was Evan that now says it doesn't exist followed with allegations that the income is so meager that it couldn't fix the car. Fact here (yes I know your not interested and Evan's just internet trolling there is no right or wrong answer he just seeks a response) the car is irrelevant I am abroad and everyone else drives motorbikes my kids have a driver take them to school daily which in essence means the vehicle isn't actually doing anything until I am back in the Philippines (as the driver has his own vehicle). Meager income anyone who followed the business would have seen how much we purchased in assets last year from our income. Right now I have decided to redirect the business into more specialised fields which is less staff but more skilled. The reason behind this is I have a niche market that is far more profitable and stable than telemarketing.

Backlinks to Porn sites - Matt Wilkie never gave any backlinks to any porn sites and the allegations relating to the person your talking about Chris doesn't own any porn sites either. Its all just fantasy stuff yet again that can't be backed up with any facts just utter nonsense.

These are just a couple of the things that Evan is writing about in desperation of attention seeking. But another last fact is nobody cares what Evan's writing as simply its wild man ramblings of someone who's obviously got some serious mental issues. Should I hop on a plane to attack Evan at his front door? Answer is I don't even recognise him as being there. He has no impact on my life or the other expats he claims to have information on. Because everything he does is fake, all this came about when he was shown as a fraudster and liar relating to "cleaning up the Philippines". He's done nothing!! that was his problem he wants a pat on the back yet he has never written anything of substance or value that he has done.

His charity work - Didn't exist nobody knows what he was talking about or have heard of him on Bohol. He's obviously done what he did with his holiday buddy previously ( his holiday buddy he spent a week with on Bohol after meeting him before flying back to France and writing about how he hated the way the guy treated his wife online. Little tip here Evan if I am unhappy with the way someone is I simply leave, never see them again or tell them to their face their issues). I believe Evan went along to the Rotary club on several occasions maybe found corruption within it maybe not. Could be that they simply didn't need or want his assistance and as he wasn't "leading" up something he started writing about them online like a teenage troll.

His evidences (he always adds the s I don't know why as evidence works as singular or multiple items) - But the fact of the matter is the guy has never met the people he talks about. He's a coward at best, but ultimately just a guy in his late 60s with too much time on his hands and nobody to talk to. Most of the people he attacks have banned him from forums or groups relating to the Philippines at which point is when he targets them with his hate campaigns. Sad little fat guy who's got more issues than a Psychiatrist's notebook. I can't hate the guy as he's so unwell but like everyone else I generally ignore him completely. Today is just an exception as I am waiting for my daughter to come over before going out for lunch.

But I will say he's not the only odd ball from the Philippines community. Fact is that many people have been to the Philippines, left and then tied to the country as they want to live there but can't afford it or love the dream but hate the place. Evan is a mix of them all he lost everything, he has a fantasy farm (its his wife's family that own it not him). But ultimately he can't live in the Philippines and can't let go of the fact he doesn't belong there and can't afford to stay there.

I get dragged back into the Philippines from time to time for advice but generally my life is moving on completely. I will continue to have business in the Philippines and currently training a manager up to take over the day to day from my wife. But its a part of my life that will always be there at the same time I have a new life in the West I need to set the foundations with first before hovering between East and West. One thing is for sure I don't stay hung up on all the negatives of life. I would end up like Evan if I did! lol.. Life in the Philippines can be good and harsh like anywhere else. The UK where I am currently has a lot of positives but also a lot of politics being played at the moment for next years election. It does adversely affect immigration at the same time I am not fussed with that either as the UK may not be where we call home but "the factory" as we have always called it.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Evan Iliadis V the Expat community.

It appears that Evan Iliadis has been targeting the expat community since 2005. The most disturbing thing of all is that his statements are false.

I myself have been attacked by Evan Iliadis who is nothing more than an internet troll. What makes it worse is his use of abuse of the web is targeted at normal people in the hope to damage reputations. Most of who he had simple disagreements with on forums. Yes things are this childish and have been ongoing for a long time.

Ignore your troll? Evan Iliadis becomes more desperate the more you ignore him, he continues to buy domain names in other people's names in the hope that he can cause reputation damage.

But one of the important things is here that not everyone has the time but even fewer have the interest to chase Evan Iliadis around the web. They do not share the childish passion to sit and write stupid lies about people. As even Evan's real life fits in with the typical internet troll with being a loner to the point you won't even find a picture of him with his wife and children in recent years. Why? Because if you had someone at home writing the drivel he does would you want to be associated?

This site is not an attack site but one full of truth and the fact is Evan Iliadis needs assessment for his problems as there are things much deeper than his hate for successful expats. The expats he attacks moved on at least a year ago but he is still proactively attacking them and desperate for their attention. An example of that is his Linkedin account that even though all the expats profiles are available to the public he created one with his name to go "look at me". Yes its pathetic and its one of the reasons nobody is taking an interest in his nonsense.