Saturday, 15 February 2014

Evan Iliadis V the Expat community.

It appears that Evan Iliadis has been targeting the expat community since 2005. The most disturbing thing of all is that his statements are false.

I myself have been attacked by Evan Iliadis who is nothing more than an internet troll. What makes it worse is his use of abuse of the web is targeted at normal people in the hope to damage reputations. Most of who he had simple disagreements with on forums. Yes things are this childish and have been ongoing for a long time.

Ignore your troll? Evan Iliadis becomes more desperate the more you ignore him, he continues to buy domain names in other people's names in the hope that he can cause reputation damage.

But one of the important things is here that not everyone has the time but even fewer have the interest to chase Evan Iliadis around the web. They do not share the childish passion to sit and write stupid lies about people. As even Evan's real life fits in with the typical internet troll with being a loner to the point you won't even find a picture of him with his wife and children in recent years. Why? Because if you had someone at home writing the drivel he does would you want to be associated?

This site is not an attack site but one full of truth and the fact is Evan Iliadis needs assessment for his problems as there are things much deeper than his hate for successful expats. The expats he attacks moved on at least a year ago but he is still proactively attacking them and desperate for their attention. An example of that is his Linkedin account that even though all the expats profiles are available to the public he created one with his name to go "look at me". Yes its pathetic and its one of the reasons nobody is taking an interest in his nonsense.