Saturday, 29 March 2014

Matt Wilkie - On False Allegations

There is an interesting development for those still interested! The fact is Evan Iliadis has become more abusive and expressive of his drivel since I left the Philippines.

Why? Because he is being ignored something he doesn't like. I happened to browse something this morning the first time in 3 months to find he's trying to tag things together to make things up. But what is funny is that he actually has to go over the nonsense he wrote previously as it makes no sense. The one person disproving his lies is actually himself!

BPO industry - Matt Wilkie never owned or operated one WRONG we still do own and operate one but it was Evan that now says it doesn't exist followed with allegations that the income is so meager that it couldn't fix the car. Fact here (yes I know your not interested and Evan's just internet trolling there is no right or wrong answer he just seeks a response) the car is irrelevant I am abroad and everyone else drives motorbikes my kids have a driver take them to school daily which in essence means the vehicle isn't actually doing anything until I am back in the Philippines (as the driver has his own vehicle). Meager income anyone who followed the business would have seen how much we purchased in assets last year from our income. Right now I have decided to redirect the business into more specialised fields which is less staff but more skilled. The reason behind this is I have a niche market that is far more profitable and stable than telemarketing.

Backlinks to Porn sites - Matt Wilkie never gave any backlinks to any porn sites and the allegations relating to the person your talking about Chris doesn't own any porn sites either. Its all just fantasy stuff yet again that can't be backed up with any facts just utter nonsense.

These are just a couple of the things that Evan is writing about in desperation of attention seeking. But another last fact is nobody cares what Evan's writing as simply its wild man ramblings of someone who's obviously got some serious mental issues. Should I hop on a plane to attack Evan at his front door? Answer is I don't even recognise him as being there. He has no impact on my life or the other expats he claims to have information on. Because everything he does is fake, all this came about when he was shown as a fraudster and liar relating to "cleaning up the Philippines". He's done nothing!! that was his problem he wants a pat on the back yet he has never written anything of substance or value that he has done.

His charity work - Didn't exist nobody knows what he was talking about or have heard of him on Bohol. He's obviously done what he did with his holiday buddy previously ( his holiday buddy he spent a week with on Bohol after meeting him before flying back to France and writing about how he hated the way the guy treated his wife online. Little tip here Evan if I am unhappy with the way someone is I simply leave, never see them again or tell them to their face their issues). I believe Evan went along to the Rotary club on several occasions maybe found corruption within it maybe not. Could be that they simply didn't need or want his assistance and as he wasn't "leading" up something he started writing about them online like a teenage troll.

His evidences (he always adds the s I don't know why as evidence works as singular or multiple items) - But the fact of the matter is the guy has never met the people he talks about. He's a coward at best, but ultimately just a guy in his late 60s with too much time on his hands and nobody to talk to. Most of the people he attacks have banned him from forums or groups relating to the Philippines at which point is when he targets them with his hate campaigns. Sad little fat guy who's got more issues than a Psychiatrist's notebook. I can't hate the guy as he's so unwell but like everyone else I generally ignore him completely. Today is just an exception as I am waiting for my daughter to come over before going out for lunch.

But I will say he's not the only odd ball from the Philippines community. Fact is that many people have been to the Philippines, left and then tied to the country as they want to live there but can't afford it or love the dream but hate the place. Evan is a mix of them all he lost everything, he has a fantasy farm (its his wife's family that own it not him). But ultimately he can't live in the Philippines and can't let go of the fact he doesn't belong there and can't afford to stay there.

I get dragged back into the Philippines from time to time for advice but generally my life is moving on completely. I will continue to have business in the Philippines and currently training a manager up to take over the day to day from my wife. But its a part of my life that will always be there at the same time I have a new life in the West I need to set the foundations with first before hovering between East and West. One thing is for sure I don't stay hung up on all the negatives of life. I would end up like Evan if I did! lol.. Life in the Philippines can be good and harsh like anywhere else. The UK where I am currently has a lot of positives but also a lot of politics being played at the moment for next years election. It does adversely affect immigration at the same time I am not fussed with that either as the UK may not be where we call home but "the factory" as we have always called it.