Saturday, 26 April 2014

Evan Iliadis Matt Wilkie's cyber stalker

Philippines Sexpat Wall of shame - The truth

The Philippines sexpat wall of shame was setup by an internet troll. Its fabrication is based on mixing stolen photos, edited blog posts and edited forum posts as well as false emails and spinning lies.

The reality behind all of this was an internet troll named Evan Iliadis has spent years targeting Philippines expats for whatever reason. Its unknown to the people he talks about as none of them ever met him or knew him. The reality behind all of this is that Evan Iliadis was banned from blogs, forums and other online engagement locations as his constant threads were based on causing internet flaming and disputes. As well as using these locations to create backlinks to his hate post sites. It was over 2 years ago I discovered the extent of what he was doing and he's targeted me ever since. He has very little impact on myself or other expats now due to the fact he has been exposed to the public as a fraud and liar.

It was contacting other people that he has been targeting that the puzzle started to come together that it was simply people he had fallen out with online. That was the only connection between myself and the others. This resulted in abusive internet posting, false accusations of criminal activity. All based on trying to create shock and horror for the people he was trying to cause damage to.

Reality is his own life came to the surface as someone who was a loner, someone who talks about charity projects yet lacks any proof they ever existed and while visiting the town he alleged he was "working" with and managing these charities for a wedding. I discovered the groups he said he was a member of nobody seemed to know him. In fact the only person he was believed to be "friends" with was accused of child abuse.

The grim reality is that Evan Iliadis has spun things for reasons of his own failures in the Philippines of not establishing a life there. The reality that he's been bothering people online since 2005 like a teenager (the guy is in his late 60s!).