Monday, 12 May 2014

Philippines Sexpat Wall Of Shame and why you need to be a better person!

I have been in the Philippines for years it was a much dirtier place. There has been a lot of changes in many ways but none of them involve Philippines Sexpat Wall of Shame or Evan Iliadis.

You see people like myself have started to move to the Philippines in bigger numbers. We aren't interested in the bikini bars or prostitution. The reality is there are younger people going to the Philippines as well as many people looking for genuine relationships. Back in the early days it used to cause a lot of friction as many people seen being with prostitutes and hanging out at bikini bars as normal.

As the years have gone on people have changed and although these establishments and people still exist there are a lot more people that don't see it as the norm. Two types of expats reside in the same country and more likely to clash over what they see as acceptable and what isn't.

Evan Iliadis did not make any impact on bringing about change in fact he did nothing in the whole time he was in the Philippines except go along with it. The changes came about from people who wouldn't sit with undesirables. Those who were prepared to say its about time things changed and slowly they are.

More money in the Philippines means more families are coming out of poverty and more options. None of which has anything to do with Evan Iliadis although he would like to think so! The Sexpat Wall Of Shame Blog never investigated or targeted real sexpats. All it did was get used as a personal vendetta board by Evan Iliadis for people he has never even met. People who banned him from forums, people who could see he was an internet troll. People who are upstanding members of communities.

Being a better expat is important to the Philippines as the legacy of sexpats has left a sour taste in the Philippines and its people like Evan Iliadis who like to say they did or are doing something great but he's a legend in his own mind and an opportunist hoping to gain fame for something he has never achieved or done.

You being a better person and showing that expats aren't all grumpy, over weight or drunks is a start but even better to stay away from the bars and treat Filipinos as you want to be treated.

Hopefully the Sexpat Wall Of Shame will disappear in the coming years as its all fake and has no positive impact on the expat or Filipino community.

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