Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Tropical Penpals blog is written by Matt Wilkie

Tropical Penpals blog is written by Matt Wilkie and ended up on the sexpat wall of shame thanks to Evan Iliadis targeting the "family site" as something perverse.

Why? because internet trolls do that sort of thing and the sad thing about it all is that its good information that's reputation has been tarnished by a disturbed little Greek guy Evan Iliadis. Why target someone's site? Why work so hard to tarnish someone's reputation?

Simply Matt Wilkie banned Evan Iliadis from his forum after several warnings. As Evan began targeting Matt Wilkie it was then Matt started looking into the crude and lude allegations that Evan made against other people in the Philippines. It didn't take long to find out Evan had lied about pretty much everything, stealing Facebook photos, faking emails and generally just making things up as he went along.

From my perspective being Matt Wilkie! I can honestly say the guy is of most harm to himself Evan that is as he's bungled around on this stuff for years. Fact is who is he bothering? for me nobody as although he's bought a load of domain names using my name and my sites who cares.. as it was to share advice at that time. Does it bother me that some people may believe him? In all honesty in the Philippines there are people like Evan looking for a story, there are people like Evan who don't get on with anyone around them, there are people with no life of they're own. They don't bother me they bother each other. The drive is built on being miserable and uncontent with their own lives.

For me I am happy, I am content and I have a great life. If anything who is the winner here if we were competing? Evan who sits waiting for blog posts to appear and constantly rebuilding sites as they are destroyed? or.. me who who has a good career, happy family life and growing financial assets. I know which one I prefer to be!

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