Monday, 13 October 2014

Philippines Sexpat Wall Of Shame - Analyzing the truth against the lies

Philippines Sexpat Wall of Shame is something that personally I think needs removed from the internet due to its constant flow of lies and misinformation. But its inconsistant information is where you can already see its author is an internet troll and liar with very bold false statements.

"Matt Wilkie wanted fugitive in the UK" is an example of the authors lies as Matt Wilkie has been in the UK for nearly a year. But this didn't stop the blog author he simply changed it to "Matt Wilkie wanted fugitive in the Philippines". Really this is as good as it gets? Because Matt Wilkie is returning to the Philippines on holiday.

But where does the fugitive statements come from? Why is the statements often perverse in their context answer is the blog author has a bad past that he doesn't want to discuss. Lets take a look at his brief brush with the Foreign Legion. He left Greece at a time when the Foreign Legion took in vagrants and criminals, it was not a prestigious band of brothers but the drop outs that nobody else wanted. It was during this era that Evan Iliadis ran away from Greece and joined the Foreign Legion the question I ask you is why?

Evan Iliadis will often link people to crooked and corrupt business practices not only without any proof but without any real context of a connection between the people he accuses and what he accuses them of why?

He spends all day browsing internet pornography and the outer rim of the internet where other disturbed individuals hang out as conspiracy theorists. Yet he never looks in the mirror as its not difficult to see that he is not clutching at straws but mentally ill.

His life in the Philippines he posts as a tranquil enjoyable experience yet he left with no real mention of why only "medical condition" which I assume was mental health related did he have a breakdown being unable to afford and sustain a life in the tropics? Because with such bold claims of helping the community and involvement with the Rotary club there is nobody who can validate anything he says. He himself has only a few photos "of himself" yet not one of him actually doing anything of substance. The same Rotary club he later complained of being corrupt yet where is the facts? It was also the loose connection of Rotary clubs that Evan Iliadis began attacking Chris Bennetts. That being Chris was a member of a different Rotary club on a different island, but simply a target of something Evan Iliadis hated. The demise of a relationship for Chris where some information was put online was Evan's ammunition. Yet Evan Iliadis avoided all facts and all information that showed the reality of what went on. Why? Evan Iliadis has a vendetta with the Rotary Club and that is all he cared about. His vengence on Chris would be a battle against the Rotary club. Yes it does seem madness but Evan is extremely dysfunctional and bitter.

The bitterness of this man has been ongoing since at least 2005 in Yahoo groups, a failed expat who couldn't and still can't admit his failure in the Philippines. He doesn't talk his career or life in France where he has moved today as simply there is nothing to write about there never has been. Take a look at his LinkedIn profile he talks of being "self employed" his whole life yet in a prior statement he said his employer in the U.S. was how he was working in the U.S. in the first place. Another case of fiction as its believed his only role in life is as a kitchen hand who never progressed to any level of success in the catering industry. No cookery show for Evan! he never got past washing the pots!

But we aren't here to run Evan down we are just going over real information and the fact is Evan learned about working in the kitchens while at the Foreign Legion when he left Greece (why did he leave Greece to join the Foreign Legion was he on the run? He doesn't go back to Greece where is the rest of his family? Can he go back to Greece?). No photos of what he was doing in the U.S. except false boasting of an ugly car that didn't take much to make payments when it was new even for the poorest employed in the U.S. Where is the career photos? Not even a fake hotel picture or restaurant laying claim to owning it. Absolutely nothing and no mention of why he was there because its nothing of note. More importantly its obviously something else he is bitter about with this angry little man.

But lets move on from Evan as although he is the author of the Sexpat Wall of Shame his only contribution to this world is false information on real people. His life just shows a lot of "nothing" even down to his life in France where his wife is a cleaner he couldn't even develop a good business for his partner, the same wife that hasn't taken his second name and neither has the children.

If anything I would say if your interested in the Sexpat Wall Of Shame read both sides as its not hard to see how false the information is with Evan. But also the more you read the more you will see that Evan just makes things up on long rants. He forgets what he wrote 10 minutes ago and actually shows himself as lying without anyone having to defend themselves. He hates me so much because I dismantled his Sexpat Wall of Shame several years ago and its never recovered. I contacted everyone on it at that time and although some of the people were a little odd there was pretty much nobody who had done anything wrong. There was some allegations for 1 - 2 people but still unfounded and without evidence. But the other 20+ people I just found lies upon lies by Evan. They had kept all the information over the years as they tried to make contact with Evan explaining that he was wrong. Yet Evan thrives on people taking notice of him its what he wants. An old internet troll who lives in Social housing and no life he is the stereotype of "internet troll".

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