Thursday, 6 November 2014

Evan Iliadis Sexpat Of France

We could rant on how Evan Iliadis is involved in sexual exploitation in France but there is a slight problem. We don't believe in lying here as we are not Evan Iliadis but simply real people with real lives.

Yesterday a conversation came up on Evan's continued ramblings on Matt Wilkie which wasn't a question on Matt himself but Evan's mental state and the fact he has no life of his own. Its got to the point Evan's been trying to prompt posting by Matt yet its more a case of Matt's simply got bored with listening to Evan's random ramblings. But also that the ramblings contradict themselves leaving Matt not having to put any input.

But adding to that like Matt said look at Evan he even looks a joke even in a photograph, or should we add like a peodophile. Wouldn't trust him round our kids thats for sure. Its always been the big question people have asked about Evan is he a child abuser as he seems to fit the profile pretty well. Adding to that the distance his wife and kids keep from him you do have to ask why.

Whatever is wrong with Evan its not really something that is bothering anyone too much these days as he's become a bit of a joke to himself. Contradicting himself ever increasing lies begging for a response just drives it home the guy is an idiot and although has no career of his own and never did he can't even manage being a good internet troll.

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