Friday, 19 December 2014

What is the Philippines Sexpat Wall Of Shame All About?

The Philippines Sexpat Wall Of Shame may appear to be a genuine website. But its simply playing on Google search terms and abusing peoples names.

An internet troll began his trail of attacking others as far back as 2005 and has continued to do so to this day. Unlike the people he attacks he literally does have all day to spend on the internet while everyone else gets on with their lives.

Why does the Philippines Sexpat Wall Of Shame exist? Answer is that Evan Iliadis the "only" author of the site has been booted from Yahoo groups, Forums and blogs and decided to target people for removing him from the various sites. Philippines Sexpat Wall Of Shame has high indexing online due to its nature and it fits in with an internet trolls hopes to create harm by damaging peoples reputation and hoping for some kind of reaction.

Is there anything true on the Philippines Sexpat Of Wall? The fact is names are true, the people are true, but what they are accused of and Evan's alleged facts are false. But what does happen is people view the site expecting to find vulgar abuses by expats in the Philippines and simply Evan ties people to false allegations to aim for high web rankings.

Is this normal? Obviously not! as Evan's someone who has no life in the Philippines anymore and although you come across the odd person who goes on and on about the Philippines after being forced to leave be it financial or medical grounds. The majority of people are simply pining to go back to the Philippines. Evan's ended up by his own admission in Southern France. Yet he is not a participant in promoting France as a retirement haven, he isn't doing anything positive online. His concentration is internet trolling and attacking people he doesn't even know.

The fact here is the Philippines Sexpat Of Shame only exists by people seeking real information on real sexpats and perverts of the Philippines. Yet the site is manipulated to appear it is doing that but is in fact completely fake and false. You don't hear Evan talking about how he was kicked out of forums for writing disgusting or argumentative posts which is the reason he was removed from several forums. You don't hear him talking about his attacking of people because his site was exposed as fake and his facts also being fake. All you hear is an old man living out his days writing lies and nonsense about people who are genuine people.

His life orientates around these sites and as always with these types of people he is a coward. Incapable of meeting anyone face to face, unable to argue even online with people his viewpoints because they are all fake. But instead lives in a fantasy world of nonsense, a fantasy world where he believes he achieved something in his life yet nobody knows him, nobody has records of him achieving anything. Simply the guy is a legend in his own mind and a clown to everyone else.